There are several ways you can schedule an appointment: 

Book On​line:  View appointment availability and choose an appointment time that is convenient for you.  You can request your initial appointment or future appointments in this manner.  After you request your appointment time, you will receive a confirmation from our office (usually within 24 hours) confirming your appointment.  After requesting your appointment, you will be asked to set up a client portal by simply creating a password.  From there you can check the status of your request,  complete and sign paperwork ahead of your appointment, or pay your bill (once appointment is accepted).  

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all sessions are now conducted online until further notice.   Paperwork MUST be completed and signed before online appointments will be approved.  YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF AND RESIDING IN TENNESSEE AT THE TIME OF SERVICE.  

Book by email:  Request an appointment, ask questions, or get more information about healing bonds.  Simply send an email and get a response usually within 48 hours. 

​Book by phone:    Call the office (423-650-7543) to book an appointment, ask questions, or get more information.  You may have to leave a message if it is after business hours or another client is being served, but your call will be returned usually within 48 hours. 

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