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Healing Bonds Counseling Services 

Out-of-network Insurance

Insurance can be a complicated system to navigate, especially when it comes to mental health.  This is why many mental health providers choose not to accept insurance.  Some clients also choose not to use insurance benefits for mental health services.  Healing Bonds strives to give you a range of options to receive mental healthcare.  If you have chosen a provider who does not accept insurance, but would like to see if your insurance will cover some of the costs, your therapist will be happy to give you what is called a Super-bill to send to your insurance company for determination of reimbursement.  Superbills include your name, your therapists name, your diagnosis, and dates of service.  Sometimes insurance companies will reimburse their members for out of network services.  However, you will still be considered a 'private pay' client by Healing bonds and payment will be due at the time of service.  Reimbursement from your insurance plan is strictly between you and your insurance company.  For out of network coverage your therapist is not involved with your insurance company on any level.  Check with your plan for more information.