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I work with children (ages 4-12), adolescents, families, and adults. My goal is to offer a safe space to those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, suicidality, low self-esteem, family conflict, or attachment issues. While I like to draw from multiple approaches, including: attachment work, play therapy, mindfulness practices, art therapy, CBT, and family therapy, I ultimately tailor my approach to the needs of the person. Coming to therapy takes a significant step of bravery and I strive to create an environment that promotes acceptance and growth.

I work with trauma and attachment wounds. I believe that the root of healing is formed in healthy and secure attachments. I believe that the client is the expert on their lives, and I provide a nonjudgmental space to help get clients where they want to be.

It is never an easy thing to reach out to a stranger and talk about your life. My hope is to honor the courage that it takes to reach out, and create a safe place for growth and healing.

​Maddie Storz, LMFT

I work with couples and individuals navigating issues surrounding communication, connection, and intimacy.  By building trusting relationships with my clients, they feel comfortable to explore and disclose the barriers that prevent them from being able to connect with themselves and others.  We work together to identify those barriers and pursue change to create avenues for healthy and fulfilling relationships.  

I believe that everyone is capable of genuine change and growth, however, this process takes time, intentionality, and can feel confusing.  In the midst of this, I seek to hold compassion, grace, and patience for my clients.  I strive to challenge and support them while appproaching each session with gentle, unassuming care.

As a Christian, I have a deep value for restoration and believe the process of therapy and me as your therapist, are tools to be utlilized int he restoring of your relationship to yourself, your partner, and your family.  

Beth Houle, MS LMFT-S

​Alicia Boggess, MS Resident Therapist

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Choosing to pursue therapy is courageous. Life throws curve balls, often forcing us to face challenges which seem impossible to navigate. Obstacles such as trauma, infidelity, life transitions (birth, divorce, facing an empty nest, etc.), anxiety, or depression, can feel daunting. I am privileged to hear your story and I am honored to sit with you as we sort through your specific situation and move toward healing.

I specialize in relationship difficulties, religious trauma, birth or postpartum trauma, and parenting challenges. I often see couples but enjoy working with many life-stages. I practice primarily from an attachment and trauma-sensitive perspective. My style is supportive and affirming with a gently directive voice.

As a wife of 30 years & mother of 5, I've experienced numerous life-challenges & have learned therapy can be powerful in assisting us through unexpected heartaches. I believe humans are resilient & we frequently benefit from the new perspectives therapy offers. I would be honored to provide you time & space to explore your own capacity for hope & healing.

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Beth Houle, LMFT

Healing Bonds Counseling, LLC  Owner

Now accepting Cigna and Aetna Insurance!

Life brings so many challenges, and at times you can feel stuck. You may be feeling stuck in your relationship, or you may be feeling overwhelmed with all the changes life has thrown at you.  Therapy is a safe place to process your experiences and walk through your journey. I would be honored to work with you while you navigate these difficult situations and participate in your healing process.  My goal as a therapist is for you to feel seen, heard, and understood. There is hope in your journey and you are not alone!

I am a dedicated and empathetic therapist who values a safe place for people to process. I am passionate about individualized treatment for every client to meet them in their place of need. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I see people through the lens of their past, present, and future relationships with themselves and others.

I work with individuals and couples who are encountering relational issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. This is collaborative journey, and I look forward to working alongside you.

Pregnancy, parenthood and fertility challenges can be so stressful and overwhelming it can be difficult to know how to manage all the emotions and stress. It can feel like you're drowning! I would love to be there with you in the healing process. My passion is working with individuals navigating the perinatal (pertaining to the period between conception and 3 years postpartum) and parenthood stages of life. I also have advanced training in postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, traumatic birth experiences, pregnancy loss, reproductive trauma, assisted fertility stress and fertility challenges.

I am a very practical person and begin working with my clients to find helpful tools beginning on day one. In the therapy room I use a narrative trauma-focused approach and love to implement EMDR when appropriate! Overall, my goal is to provide a safe space to explore what is happening on the inside, implement effective strategies, and move towards a healthier place. 

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​Lara Kate Todd, MS Resident Therapist

Healing Bonds Counseling Services 

​Crystal Fawley, LMFT

​Courtney Liljekvist, LMFT

Child and Adolescent Therapist

Families, relationships and connections with others impact your quality of life, mental health, and physical health. Relationships cause great joy and unfortunately can cause great pain when they are toxic or off track. Are past relationships haunting your current relationship or self-image? Do you have difficulty forming or maintaining relationships with friends or significant others? Suffered abuse or abandonment in a relationship? Experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one? Have you experienced infidelity in your marriage? These difficult experiences can feel like they define you and become overwhelming at times, but there is hope!

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I specialize in relationships and the impact of relationships on your health. I can walk with you as you turn this experience that seems to define you into a chapter of your story as you experience healing in your current and past relationships.

About me:  I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I have been married for 15 years, and we have 3 beautiful children.  I love dogs, cats, traveling and the outdoors.  I am a Christian, but do not identify as a "Christian therapist".  I feel strongly that  it is important to meet everyone where they are.  My utmost goal in therapy is to create a safe place for you to show up and be yourself.

Now accepting Cigna and Aetna Insurance!