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Healing Bonds Counseling Services 

Chattanooga Office Therapists

Are you desperately lost? Do you feel disconnected from your loved ones and from yourself? Perhaps you aren’t sure how to find your way back, wondering if you even can. You feel a sense of stuckness that can’t quite be shaken. You feel that you can’t be found, and yet there is something within you reaching out and hoping for help and healing.

As a therapist that focuses on relationships, I believe authenticity and holistic care are key to rediscovering ourselves and to restoring our connections with loved ones. I see you. I have been to these dark places before, and I will help you find the way out. There is hope for you; there is hope for your relationships. The confusion and pain can be unknotted. A new story can be written. 

I work with individuals, couples, and families (including blended families) struggling to navigate relational difficulties, stress, life transitions, and more. I would be honored to collaborate with you to find true, sustainable change. You can schedule with me online at your leisure; the journey can begin whenever you are ready.

Leslie Corrao-Montgomery, MS Resident Therapist

Heather Mellis, MS Resident Therapist

Maybe you’re at a point where therapy feels like the next best step. Whether you’re navigating a recent life transition such as the birth of a child or a recent bre​ak-up, wanting to explore past trauma, or maybe you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety or depression and you just feel stuck, exploring resources for yourself is such a brave thing to do. I admire the courage it has taken for you to get to this very moment. 

I work primarily with individuals and couples wanting to navigate anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, sexual dysfunction, sexuality and gender, religiosity, and trauma. My experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist gives me a unique lens to understand each client and the systems in which they are a part of, as well as highlight the importance of relationships. I believe healing can best occur in the context of safe and secure relationships. I aim to reduce shame, promote options and empower my clients in the context of a safe and supportive environment, along with best practices. I utilize narrative and attachment based approaches, as well as draw from acceptance and commitment therapy to help each client live a more congruent life through integrating their own life experiences and living according to their own values. 

Jennifer Weller, MS MFT

Choosing a therapist is a very personal decision, so let me tell you about myself. I graduated from  Lee University’s  Marriage and Family Therapy program in May 2020 and currently hold my temporary license through the State of Tennessee.  

I have been married to my husband for 15 years and  have four beautiful children. With my children starting families of their own, I cherish the time we have together as a family.   In my free time, my husband and I love to travel and look forward to future adventures together.

I believe that every individual has the wisdom to know how to heal themselves and the courage to face life's challenges and grow from them. It is my job, as a therapist, to help you connect with this innate wisdom and courage. In therapy, I work to create a space where you can feel safe, understood, and cared for. Within this space, we will explore your current difficulties and challenges. We will address these challenges in ways that fit you and that build upon your unique strengths and personality.

As my client, I view you as the expert on your life. I do not view myself as the “know it all” in the room. I have some valuable information that my training has afforded me, but your life experiences are just as valuable to the work we will do together. I am straight forward, honest and believe we are a team in this process.